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theme modifications

In the following I present the modifcations I made to several themes of elegantthemes. The changes include integrated page numbers with css (was integrated in some themes but without css support) breadcrumbs in all themes Link for ‚edit‘ and ‚print page‘ (using wp-print plugin) css support for tables. This is unfortunately missing in all themes alternating colors in table rows with js file, using...

commercial WordPress Premium Themes

I am considering to use a premium theme for the next website generation. Here is a collection of the companies I found so far woothemes studiopress elegantthemes ithemes I must however say that not all of their themes satisfy me. Especially since almost every theme is missing a decent view of a structured page (permant posts)...

Collection of free wordpress themes

The smashing magazine has released a structured list of 100 high quality wordpress themes: 100 free WordPress themes

Nice collection of magazine themes has posted an article about some nice themes usefull for magazines done with wordpress: the-best-wordpress-magazine-themes-available

mediawiki themes

Are impossible to be found since mediawiki calls them ’skins‘. A gallery can be found on the old site. Unfortunately mediawiki lacks decents almost themes completely (compared to wordpress themes) although some open source projects do have wonderful themes (, based on mediawiki. Here is a list of not so bad themes I have found (but not...