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Installation of openSuse 10.2

Note: A similar description can be found at Pimp my Suse. [TOC] Installation The Installation worked mainly as usual. It only failed at writing grub into the MBR, which is absolutely unacceptable. I had to install an option for the boot loader in an older distribution (10.1) to get 10.2 started. After that everything worked again as expected. Grub The reasons for grub not working could be found in /boot/grub/,...

D-Link DWL-G510 with OpenSuse 10.2

[TOC] State of driver in Opensuse 10.2 Opensuse 10.2 is using a driver for this card which is completely unusable. The driver that is installed is called „rt61pci“. This however requires firmware that does not come with Opensuse 10.2, which leads to the following error when loading the module rt61pci->rt61pci_init_firmware_cont: Error - Failed to load Firmware.rt61pci->rt61pci_init_firmware_cont: Error -...