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Compilation of Qt 4.6.3 under Windows 7 with phonon

Gepostet von am Aug 8, 2010 in C++, Qt | Keine Kommentare

Note: this is only usefull if you are using msvc 2005. For 2008 the dlls come with the installation, and with 2010 Qt 4.6.x does not compile anyway. In previous posts I have already described problems and solutions for the compilation of Qt with phonon. Here is my latest approach: First one needs to install the SDK. Though I am working with windows 7 the correct version is still v6.1 (Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5). The directx SDK is not required. Next we need to patch the SDK code because it is buggy. This was...

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fixes for Qt plugin makefiles

Gepostet von am Jan 28, 2010 in Qt | Keine Kommentare

There are many usefull Qt plugins, such as qwt, qextserialport, qxt and others. With a new major version of Qt, or a new version of a compiler I have to recompile the plugins to make sure everything is working well together. However many plugins are not compilable from comandline such that the resulting files can easily be deployed. Also they should be compilable with mingw and msvc. Here I show the necessary modifications to enable compilation of everything necessary in a naming scheme for windows. wwWidgets The current release has a...

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Windows SDK 7 messed up

Gepostet von am Jan 21, 2010 in C++, Qt | 3 Kommentare

I am trying to set up the Windows SDK environment for compilation of an other C++ project (Qt phonon library). However the script seems to be totally broken. It does not work and destroys the path variable. This is what the path looks like before anything is called: C:\Users\Matthias>PATH PATH=C:\Program Files\PC Connectivity Solution\;C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8\mikt ex\bin;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System 32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\binn\; C:\Program...

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Chilis 2009

Gepostet von am Okt 29, 2009 in Blumen | 6 Kommentare

All Chilis of this year [Zeige als Diashow] The total amount of chilies this year is rather low, and not all plants have grown successful, but we could try some really nice new kind of chilies. Agatha [Zeige als Diashow] This chili is not really hot (scale 4) and taste more like a paprika. Chupetinha [Zeige als Diashow] One of the most beautiful chili plants we ever had. Also the chilies are very hot (10) and taste very good. Habanero [Zeige als Diashow] Hot as a Habanero can be (10). Harald [Zeige als Diashow] This is a special cultivated...

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theme modifications

Gepostet von am Okt 25, 2009 in wordpress | Keine Kommentare

theme modifications

In the following I present the modifcations I made to several themes of elegantthemes. The changes include integrated page numbers with css (was integrated in some themes but without css support) breadcrumbs in all themes Link for ‚edit‘ and ‚print page‘ (using wp-print plugin) css support for tables. This is unfortunately missing in all themes alternating colors in table rows with js file, using alternate_rows.js (see forum with discussion). If you can recommend a better solution I would like to know about it. css for...

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Website Update

Gepostet von am Sep 27, 2009 in Uncategorized | 1 Kommentar

This website was largely reworked. The base is now wordpress in Version 2.8. Several new functionality was added, the most visible one is the display of related posts. The content was checked for lost links and some minor changes have been done. However, I have a problem to decide which theme to use. In the sidebar you find a theme chooser and a poll. If you some time please check the different themes and make a vote.

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WordPress plugin memory usage

Gepostet von am Sep 27, 2009 in wordpress | Keine Kommentare

memory measurement I disabled all plugins and then activated them one by one. In between I measured the memory usage that php reports and calculated the difference. This may not be really accurate, but I only want to be precise up to 0.1 MB. memory monsters (1.0 – 10 MB) Events Calendar (3.4 MB) WP Security Scan (2.8 MB) All in One SEO Pack (2.3 MB) NextGEN Gallery (2.1 MB) WP-SpamFree (1.4 MB) Simple Tags (1.1 MB WordPress Download Monitor (1.1 MB) Popular Posts (1.0 MB) Subscribe2 (1.0 MB) Advertising Manager (1.0 MB) little memory...

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WordPress 2.8 Plugins

Gepostet von am Aug 12, 2009 in wordpress | Keine Kommentare

In the following I present the plugins I tested for my new WordPress Installation. I initially started with 2.7.x and hope to finish with 2.8.x. In total in tested more the 3 times more plugins than presented here. So many because for every task there are typically about 10 plugins which could be used and additionally because there are new plugins which provide new functionality which I wanted to test. Unfortunately most plugins are either not compatible with the current WP or do not satisfy me. Most frustrating is however that many plugins...

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Brutblatt Blüten

Gepostet von am Aug 2, 2009 in Blumen | 4 Kommentare

Im Mai hat unser Brutblatt geblüht. Er war inzwischen (mit Topf) ca. 1,80 Meter hoch und konnte nur noch mit einer Stange und an die Wand gelehnt stehen. Leider wurde die Pflanze auch unglaublich häßlich. Die Blätter unten sind alle abgefallen, so dass erst ab 1,2 Meter Höhe wieder Blätter zu sehen waren. Vermutlich lag es daran, dass die Pflanze auf dem Boden stand und unten kein Licht hin kam. Eigentlich wollten wir sie entsorgen, aber da sie noch angefangen hat zu blühen, haben wir das noch abgewartet....

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Gepostet von am Aug 2, 2009 in Tanzen | Keine Kommentare

Gerade gefunden, eine Seite mit vielen Tanzschritten in Bildern: Was mir aber noch fehlt ist ein Buch das möglichst vollständig mit Text und Bildern die Schritte in allen Standard und Latein Tänzen erklärt. Wir haben ein solches Buch, aber das hat nur für die Hälfte der Schritte auch Bilder und uns fehlen fast immer die Figuren die wir suchen.

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