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qwt spectrogramm plot with data arrays

The following is a class using the qwt libary to generate a spectrogramm and/or a contour plot. In contrast to the example shipped with qwt it uses a data array instead of a hard coded function. QSpectrogramPlot.h #ifndef QSPECTROGRAMPLOT_H_ #define QSPECTROGRAMPLOT_H_   #include "ExtFunctions.h"   #include <QtGui/QHBoxLayout> #include <QtGui/QWidget>   #include <qwt_plot.h>...

Mathematik mit C++

Nützliche Links… Numerical Recipes Onlineversion des Buches unter Math Tools Mathematische Funktionen in C++ math.h, Standard C library for mathematic...

Umfangreiche Links zu C++

Linkliste C/C++

C++ STL Dokumentation

Here a list of free available documentations that I could find:

Qt with MinGW

Contrary to what I have done previously I now want to use Qt4 under Windows without Visual Studio and its Compiler. That brings me to MinGW. In the following you find an instruction for the installation of all components Note: I do not use the standalone Version of MinGW, since Qt complained during installtion that this would be incompatible with Qt. The first step is to download the opensource Edition of Qt with MinGW...


Currently I am testing several IDEs to use them as a new development platform for Qt Applications. First there is the commercial Part Visual Studio I might be interested on How to integrate qt with Visual Studio. I however am looking for a IDE with better integration of Qt and less useless functions (they are for me useless, since I do not need most of the functionality) The next one is a highly developed and tested platform...
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