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WordPress 2.8 Plugins


  • * NextGEN Gallery
    NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option.
  • NextGEN-ImageFlow
    Picture gallery for NextGEN Gallery. Digital animation for thumbing through a physical image stack.
    Activated only for individual galleries with this code
    <?php if(function_exists('GeneralStatsComplete')) {GeneralStatsComplete();  }?>
  • NextGEN-smooth-gallery
    A WordPress Plugin that allows you to use the amazing JonDesign’s Smooth Gallery viewer on your NextGen-Gallery galleries.
    Activated only for individual galleries with this code
    <?php if(function_exists('wp_print')) { print_link(); } ?>
  • NextGEN-FlashViewer
    The famous Adobe Flash Plugins (SimpleViewer, TiltViewer, AutoViewer, PostcardViewer) from Airtight Interactive for NextGEN Gallery.
    Activated only for individual galleries with this code

Code Highlighting

  • * WP-Syntax
    WP-Syntax provides clean syntax highlighting using GeSHi — supporting a wide range of popular languages. It supports highlighting with or without line numbers and maintains formatting while copying snippets of code from the browser.
  • WP-CodeBox (very similar to ‚WP-Syntax‘, but can not be loaded together)


  • * Subscribe to Comments
    Subscribe to Comments is a robust plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries.
  • * Comment Approved Notifier
    Comment Approved Notifier sends an e-mail to your commenters when you approve their comments.
  • Paginated Comments
    Paginated Comments is a WordPress Plugin ** developed with SEO in mind ** that gives you the ability to break your comments into a number of search engine optimized pages.
    Unfortunately destroys the comment layout. Links to paged comment sites mostly not working.
  • WP Ajax Edit Comments
    Allows users and admin to edit their comments inline. Admin and editors can edit all comments.
    Works well, but does not fit in my theme at all. Comments look wrong where the links are displayed.

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