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WordPress 2.8 Plugins


  • Header-Footer
    Header-Footer plugin let you to add html code to the header and to the footer.

    Usefull for plugins which require to add code to the theme files.

Page Templates

  • * Post Templates
    …I have developped the missing plugin to maintain post templates and allow simple writing of regular posts.

Page Content

  • * Table of Contents Generator See website for usage
  • * Subpage Listing
    Subpage Listing is a WordPress plugin that allows people to take full advantage of WordPress Pages’ hierarchy by generating a navigational tree of the pages below them (subpages). Blank pages will automatically be given a navigation tree.
  • WP-Footnotes
    Easily add footnotes or sidenotes to any post using a simple mark-up
    (for usage see Plugin Website
  • WP-PluginsUsed
    Display WordPress plugins that you currently have (both active and inactive) onto a post/page.
  • End Content
    This plug-in allows you to add code such as a PayPal donate button to end of a post or page. You can select certain post categories or certain pages to show the content or have it shown on all content.

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